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About us

We are a small group of people related to sports in different areas, former athletes, former referees, sports agents ... we have created a small organization where we collect common resources to organize and fix matches and get safe profits with sports betting.

We were two people at first but thanks to this website now there are more than 58 persons related to sports in different countries.  We offer privileged information or fully fixed and secure matches.

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What is this? Why you sell good information?

We sell insider information, and fixed matches to make money with the sports betting. It's very expensive to do what we do, fix a single match cost from $25k to $800k and for this reason we sell the information here to reduce costs and maximize profitability.

This is a Scam? What guarantees betfixed offer?

We are not a scam, we offer escrow as a guarantee for our clients of the 2-3 fixed matches, in this way if you do not win receive a full refund. We are the only real service of this type that accept escrow.

Can you give me free sample?  Can I pay you after the game?

Fixing a single match costs us at least $25k, we are a business and we do not offer this valuable information for free. And NO, you can't pay after the game. Due to the anonymous nature of this business, there is no way to guarantee that someone will pay us later for this reason we accept escrow.

The "privileged information" why is cheaper? It's guaranteed?

The "privileged information" is internal information about physical state, injuries, expectations, and when there is potentially determining information, we offer it to many people at a very reasonable price. But logically this is not 100% safe or guaranteed. We have a very high percentage of success but in case of failure (very unlikely) there is no possible refund. They do not return the money that we pay.

It's very expensive, can I negotiate the price?

No. Fixing a single match costs us at least $25k sometimes much more and we risk our money and of many people to get it. Unfortunately, doing this is expensive and the prices are reduced to the limit, can not be lower.

Can I pay with Paypal, Bank transfer, or in person with Cash?

No. We only accept Bitcoin, Monero, Bitcoin private or Ethereum. And if you want to use escrow we only accept bitcoin escrows located in locations where the sportsbets are not restricted. Remember that this is not legal and that anonymity and discretion is essential.

How could I contact you?

Our email: betfixed @

Some of our bets

Free Insider Information (One pick montly)

The last week of each month we will post a pick 12 hours before the match based on insider information. Nobody is notified by email, you must visit the web and be aware.  Profits are not guaranteed, it is free information, each one must take it as he wants.

26.04.2018 14:40

ATP - SINGLES: Budapest (Hungary), clay - 1/8-finals

Marterer M. -  Maden Y.

Maden Y. to WIN at 2.30 (Bwin)

Published: 25.04.2018 15:21